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Potential Effects of Offshore Renewable Energy: Knowledge and Resources – April 15 @ 10am PT.

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POET has teamed up with our partners from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to host a webinar on April 15th from 10 to 11:30am PT featuring speakers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Coastal Division.

The first section of the webinar will focus on what we have learned about marine renewable energy (wave and tidal) that applies to floating offshore wind, based partly on the 2016 State of the Science report. That report is the most comprehensive and up to date compilation of what is known about environmental effects of marine renewable energy (MRE) development. The report was a product of the IEA Ocean Energy Systems (OES), developed by the 15 nations of OES-Environmental (formerly known as Annex IV). PNNL leads OES-E for the US Department of Energy, with NOAA and BOEM as partners. PNNL is now developing the next edition of the State of the Science Report. This next edition, to be published later in 2020, is an update and a complement to the 2016 State of the Science report which can be found here. The 2020 report is intended for an audience of researchers, MRE device and project developers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

The second section of the webinar will summarize input from surveys of offshore wind stakeholders around the US that will help the US Department of Energy to determine where information gathering might be focused.