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Join us for the next event in POET’s Webinar Series, “US West Coast Floating Wind and Cetaceans: Baseline Data, Risks, and Moving Forward” on July 2nd from 10:00am to 11:45am PT. Pre-registration is required and can be done quickly by clicking on the link below

As many of you are likely aware, POET had to cancel our annual conference, the 2020 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference (OREC), due to concerns about COVID-19. In lieu of the conference and in an effort to continue to provide value to the offshore renewable sector, we will continue to offer monthly webinars covering a variety of topics related to the potential environmental effects of marine renewables, as well as topics that we might normally cover at our annual conference.

OREC is an important part of the funding that allows POET to operate throughout the year, and canceling our 2020 conference jeopardizes our longterm financial health. In order to offset some of that funding, POET invites you to become a member of our organization, and to consider sponsoring one of our webinars. 

If you have attended OREC in the past, if you were planning to attend in 2020, if you are enjoying the free webinar series that we are now hosting, or if you feel the work we do to help advance marine renewable energy along the West Coast is important, please consider supporting our organization however you can. You can see the full listing of membership opportunities on our website at, www.pacificoceanenergy.org/join.

If you are interested in presenting your own topics or would like to sponsor one of our future webinars please send us an email at info@pacificoceanenergy.orgfor more information.