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Introduction and Welcome -

  • Liz Burdock, Business Network for Offshore Wind
    Jason Busch, Pacific Ocean Energy Trust

Purpose of Symposium and Global Status of OSW—

  • Kevin Banister, Principle Power

State and Federal Perspectives on California’s Plan for Offshore Wind Energy -

The Opportunities of Floating Wind: Cost Reduction, Supply Chain, and Port Infrastructure

Moderator – Ross Tyler, Business Network for Offshore Wind

 The Priorities of the Floating Offshore Wind Industry

Moderator – Liz Burdock, Business Network for Offshore Wind

Lunch Presentations

Potential Offshore Wind Energy Areas in California: An Assessment of Locations, Technology, and Costs

Europe’s Experience with Offshore Wind and its Lessons for the United States

Innovation in Addressing Environmental Concerns in Offshore Wind

Moderator: Francine Kershaw, Natural Resource Defense Council

Open Q&A with Industry Representatives

Facilitated by - Anna West, Kearns and West

  • Statoil – Knut Aanstad
    Trident – Alla Weinstein
    Magellan – Jim Lanard
    Dong Energy – Thomas Brostrom

Where Offshore Wind Can Take California: Final Thoughts

  • Joao Metelo, CEO Principle Power