OWET works continuously with stakeholders to balance uses of the ocean and to examine the impact on all who are affected.

Join us in our effort to establish Oregon as the leading ocean energy generator in the U.S.

This is an inclusive process. We invite you to become a member and sign up for our newsletter so we can invite you to volunteer, attend hearings, write letters, comment on regulatory matters and more.

OWET brings Oregon’s diverse oceanic communities and industries together to responsibly develop the ocean energy industry – from ocean energy companies, to fishing and environmental groups, local, state and federal agencies, elected officials, and other community representatives.

The three key ingredients needed to become a global leader in this clean, sustainable energy are coming together in Oregon:

  1. An unending supply of ocean energy,
  2. Emerging technological knowledge to harness that energy and
  3. A promising marketplace to supply that energy to the grid.

We need your help to turn innovation into reality.