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Business OregonBusiness Oregon

Business Oregon works to create, retain, expand and attract businesses that provide sustainable, living-wage jobs for Oregonians through public-private partnerships, leveraged funding and support of economic opportunities for Oregon companies and entrepreneurs.[divider]
Oregon_INCOregon Innovation Council 

The mission of the Oregon Innovation Council is to help innovators create high-paying jobs, entrepreneurs create companies and university researchers bring federal and private research dollars to Oregon in a partnership between the state's private sector leaders and its research universities.[/toogle]

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We are committed to solving the world’s toughest problems. We achieve this by connecting our employees’ knowledge and our superior technologies across Leidos in pursuit of answers. We know that by embracing the differences of all employees we will unlock the creativity and innovation that makes a difference.


Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center

NNMRECNNMREC is one of three U.S. Department of Energy-funded centers charged with facilitating the development of marine renewable energy technology via research, education, and outreach. Established in 2008, NNMREC is a partnership between Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Washington (UW). While OSU focuses on wave energy, UW’s emphasis is tidal energy. In 2011 NNMREC’s research agenda expanded to include offshore wind energy as well.


Oregon Iron Works, INC.

Oregon Iron WorksOregon Iron Works, Inc., is a pioneering force in the fabrication and manufacturing industries. Founded in 1944, the company began achieving success fabricating in the demanding hydroelectric, bridge and civil construction industries. From complex bridges to sophisticated military patrol craft, today the company also serves a variety of industries and customers, both nationally and internationally, that includes the marine, aerospace, nuclear, transit and renewable energy fields.


Ocean Power Technologies (OPT)

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT)Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in wave-energy technology that harnesses ocean wave resources to generate reliable and clean and environmentally-beneficial electricity. OPT has a strong track record in the advancement of wave energy and participates in an estimated $150 billion annual power generation equipment market. OPT's proprietary PowerBuoy® system is based on modular, ocean-going buoys that capture and convert predictable wave energy into clean electricity. The Company is widely recognized as a leading developer of on-grid and autonomous wave-energy generation systems, benefiting from more than 15 years of in-ocean experience.


Oregon State University

OSU Oregon State University is a leading research university located in one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the nation. Situated 90 miles south of Portland, and an hour from the Cascades or the Pacific Coast, Corvallis is the perfect home base for exploring Oregon’s natural wonders.


Stoel Rives LLP Attorneys at Law

Stoel Rives LLPStoel Rives LLP is a U.S. law firm, with a full suite of transactional and litigation solutions for U.S. and international clients. Established in 1907, the firm has nearly 400 attorneys operating out of 11 offices in seven states plus a satellite office in Washington, D.C. Representative clients include financial institutions, public and private utilities, energy and renewable energy companies, developers, manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, universities, agribusinesses, software companies, food and beverage companies, charitable foundations, telecommunications and forestry companies, among others. They represent businesses at all stages of growth, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

Corporate Members

Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. (AOE)
AOE is a next generation technology company located in Sooke, BC Canada; engaged in the development of technology to capture the unlimited power of ocean swells and waves to transpose this energy into usable “Green Energy”.  AOE is passionately committed to the environment; creating a safer, cleaner energy for all on Earth.


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) manages the exploration and development of the nation’s offshore resources. It seeks to appropriately balance economic development, energy independence, and environmental protection through oil and gas leases, renewable energy development and environmental reviews and studies.


CH2M Hill

As a global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations, and program management, CH2M HILL has the human and technical resources, the international footprint, and the depth of know-how and experience to help clients achieve success in any corner of the world. CH2M HILL has multiple Oregon office locations with staff that specialize in engineering, environmental permitting, and land use entitlements. Additionally, CH2M HILL has direct experience working on complex permitting projects in coastal communities and is well-versed with a wide range of permitting programs including those associated with the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


EnergyTrust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable energy. Our services, cash incentives and solutions have helped participating customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas save more than $1 billion on their energy bills. Our work helps keep energy costs as low as possible and builds a sustainable energy future.


Fred Devine Diving & Salvage Company

Floating Power Plant A/S (FPP) was established in 2004. The goal of the company is to commercialise positive results from the development of floating power plants based on wave and wind energy. FPP owns and holds the rights to develop end build the floating power plant named Poseidon.


GL Garrad Hassan

GL Garrad Hassan is the world's largest independent renewable energy consultancy. The recognized authority on wind for many years, it is now at the forefront of the offshore wind, wave, tidal and solar sectors too.


M3Wave Energy Systems LLC

M3Wave Energy Systems LLC is commercializing the DMP, a revolutionary new ocean power device that the 2011 USDOE Water Power Review Panel referred to as "disruptive technology."  Unlike many conventional ocean power devices, the DMP resides entirely under the surface of the ocean.


Miller Nash

Miller Nash LLP provides a multidisciplinary team of lawyers serving diverse clients including private- and public-sector clients with business law and commercial litigation needs in energy, environmental, land use, construction, and real estate law. We combine superior technical expertise with a big-picture understanding of our clients' projects and needs. We pride ourselves on our relationship-based ability to work with local jurisdictions, elected officials, property owners, lenders, agencies, and others as necessary to bring value to clients and the community.


Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE)‎

The Oregon Department of Energy’s mission is to reduce the long-term cost of energy for Oregonians – including environmental and public health. ODOE developers and administers the state’s energy policies, programs and helps to cultivate the state’s future energy portfolio. This includes creating long-term solutions for meeting Oregon’s energy demands and reducing consumption of finite fossil fuels through conservation, energy efficiency, best practices for emerging technologies and renewable energy. ODOE staffs the Energy Facility Siting Council, which is responsible for siting Oregon’s large energy facilities. ODOE is also responsible for the state’s petroleum planning and nuclear safety and emergency preparedness programs.



From offices throughout the western United States, Parametrix provides multidisciplinary services in environmental science, planning, and engineering. Parametrix is an industry leader in the incorporation of ecosystem services principles into marine spatial planning, cumulative effects analysis, land use planning, regulatory compliance (including NEPA analysis), and project design efforts. We specialize in ecosystem functional performance measurement, analysis of impact offset measures, and quantification of the impacts and benefits that influence the health of our environment, economic resilience, and social equity.


PNGC Power

PNGC Power is a Portland-based electric generation and transmission (G & T) cooperative owned by 14 Northwest electric distribution cooperative utilities with service territory in seven western states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming). Our company creates value for its member systems by providing power supply and other management services. PNGC Power is a top aggregator of geographically diverse loads in the region and became the first electric cooperative in the country to receive a power marketing license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


Resolute Marine Energy

Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (RME) is developing wave energy converters (WEC) that generate clean energy from ocean waves. Our near-term goal is to complete development and commercialization of a wave-driven seawater desalination system that operates completely “off-grid” and fills a huge gap in the market for seawater desalination systems. We are also in the early stages of identifying opportunities to cost-effectively supply electricity to near-shore communities that currently rely upon diesel generators.


Vigor Industrial

Vigor Industrial is the leading marine construction and maintenance provider in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  We construct platforms of all types to support the renewable energy sector and wave energy development. We provide project management, value added engineering and fabrication.  Our intermodal capabilities, expert workforce and fabrication capacity are unmatched in the region.  Our locations on the Columbia River, Puget Sound, and the Gulf of Alaska, allow for easy transport to installation sites.  From any of our seven facilities across Oregon, Washington and Alaska, Vigor is here to help your project succeed.


Wedge Global

Wedge Global combines the most important aspects within the wave energy value chain, including design, manufacture, testing and commercial application. Based on its own proprietary and innovative technology (electricity generation solution), the firm is in a position to significantly reduce generating costs and make this source of renewable energy a viable proposition on a global scale.


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City of Reedsport

Columbia Power Technologies


Port of Umpqua ‎

Strategies 360


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Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII)

Marine Renewables Canada

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