Why Support the Oregon Wave Energy Trust?

The ocean is the largest, most concentrated supply of renewable energy on Earth. It could provide 10 percent of the world’s energy. In Oregon, our goal is to have ocean energy producing 500 megawatts by 2025.

Thanks to a combination of characteristics unique to the state, Oregon has a clear competitive advantage, and the energy industry has the potential to deliver significant economic benefits to the state.

We work with stakeholders statewide – fishing and environmental groups, coastal communities and industry, government agencies and other partners – to responsibly develop this new industry and establish Oregon as the North American leader in ocean energy.

  • We work everyday with different stakeholders to understand their concerns, listen to their ideas and share information in a two-way stream.
  • We are conducting research that will independently answer many environmental and socio-economic questions.
  • We are working with policymakers to understand and reduce barriers to development.
  • We are working with utilities and others to create an efficient marketplace for ocean energy.

The three key ingredients needed to become a global leader in this clean, sustainable energy are starting to come together for Oregon – an unending supply of ocean energy, emerging technological knowledge to harness that energy and a promising marketplace to supply that energy to the grid. Now, we need your help turn innovation into reality.

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Oregon Wave Energy Trust was funded in part with Oregon State Lottery Funds administered by the Oregon Business Development Department. It is one of six Oregon Innovation Council initiatives supporting innovation and long term economic growth.