AOE Expands Operation to the US as Company Continues to Grow

AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy IncAOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. (AOE) announced the opening of its AOE America office in Boulder, Colorado. “Boulder is home to world class research facilities including the NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory,” stated Donna Calabrese, President and Director of AOE’s US operations.

“Donna brings a tremendous amount of experience to our company,” noted AOE CEO Jim Matei, “she has a Masters of Arts from the University of Denver, and a Masters Certificate from Daniels College of Business. She is a tremendous addition to our team.”

“What excites me about AOE’s patented technology is that it can provide power,drinking water and compressed air to literally millions of coastal and island regions on Earth all while improving the local marine environment,” said Calabrese.

AOE has been very interested in the progress that organizations such as Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) in Oregon continue to make. AOE has been a member of OWET since inception and with the opening of the US office the company will have easier access to this value industry resource. “It is AOE’s mandate to provide a safer, cleaner energy to all on Earth and this will move the company one step closer to its’ goal,” stated Matei.

Recently AOE and Seeley’s Cove Research Centre came together with the vision of seeing the system being used to address the hypoxia or “dead zone” areas that occur around the world due to pollution and climate change. To find out more about hypoxia off the Pacific Northwest Coast visit

“Thanks to now having a US office, AOE will now be eligible to participate in a number of US funding programs and calls for proposals that simply would not have been available had we not expanded our Canadian operations,” said Matei.