DOE Announces Funding to Support MHK Technologies

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March 11, 2014

Ocean WavesThe Energy Department today announced $3.5 million available for the development and testing of marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) sensors, instruments, and processing techniques. The funding opportunity, titled “MHK Environmental and Resource Characterization Instrumentation,” supports the development of new instruments to measure the environmental impacts of MHK technologies, test and integrate environmental monitoring instrumentation packages, and develop and test sensors and instruments to collect data on the characteristics of waves, including their height, period, direction, and steepness. The wave characteristic data will enable WEC devices to use feed-forward controls to more accurately assess approaching waves and more efficiently harness their energy. The Energy Department will conduct an informational webinar on Thursday, March 20, to give applicants a chance to ask questions about the FOA process in general. Register now.

For more information on funding opportunities for advanced water power research and development, please visit the Water Power Program’s Financial Opportunities Web page.