Energy Department Announces Investment in NNMREC Wave Energy Test Facility


Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center will support innovation in wave energy technologies

PORTLAND, Oregon, December 21, 2016 – The Energy Department today announced the award of up to $40 million, subject to appropriations, to design, permit, and construct an open-water, grid-connected national wave energy testing facility. The facility will be constructed in Newport, Oregon, by the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Oregon State University and will support innovations in wave energy technologies capable of harnessing the significant wave energy resources along United States coastlines.

According to the Energy Department press release announcing the award, the new test facility, called the Pacific Marine Energy Center South Energy Test Site, will be constructed with a combination of federal and non-federal funds. The planned facility, to be completed by early 2020, includes four grid-connected berths where researchers can test full-scale wave energy conversion device concepts. Prototype testing is essential to gather critical performance data to address technical risks, lower costs, and inform future designs to accelerate the commercialization and deployment of mass-produced wave energy technologies.

“This is a great day for Oregon!” said Jason Busch, Executive Director of Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET). “The State of Oregon first got behind wave energy in 2007 with the funding of OWET through the Oregon Innovation Council, and its continued support of OWET and NNMREC has positioned Oregon as the national leader in the industry. The selection of the NNMREC test site for federal funding just confirms what we’ve always known…Oregon is a great place to do wave energy business. Our congratulations and thanks go to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen, including the faculty and staff at NNMREC, the Oregon Innovation Council, state and local officials, and of course Oregon’s visionary congressional delegation.”

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About Oregon Wave Energy Trust

Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) is a nonprofit, public-private partnership helping to responsibly develop ocean energy by connecting stakeholders, supporting research and development, and engaging in public outreach and policy work. With 300 miles of coastline characterized by powerful waves and steady winds, a robust electrical transmission system close to coastal communities, transportation and port infrastructure, experienced and established manufacturing and supply chain, supportive policies and leading research institutions, Oregon is uniquely positioned to be North America’s leader in ocean energy. With the growing need for new clean sources of energy and sustainable family-wage jobs, OWET’s goal is to responsibly develop the ocean energy industry and maximize its benefits for the environment and economy.