International Journal of Marine Energy Highlights Tethys Project

oceanThe peer-reviewed International Journal of Marine Energy recently published an article by staff at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Water Power Program and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory titled “Tethys: Developing a Commons for Understanding Environmental Effects of Ocean Renewable Energy.”

The article is a methods paper that covers the development, existing functionality, and content of the Tethys database, as well as discussion on the future of the DOE-led international Annex IV project, including information updates, improvements, and additional outreach efforts over the next several years. The Tethys database houses a wealth of MHK and offshore wind environmental research information including information gathered through the Annex IV initiative (the Assessment of Environmental Effects and Monitoring Efforts for Ocean Wave, Tidal and Current Energy Systems) which was recently extended by the International Energy Agency for an additional period of 3 years.