M3 Wave Announces Successful Deployment of Submerged Wave Energy Device off Oregon Coast

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September 12, 2014

M3 Wave announces successful deployment of submerged wave energy device off Oregon Coast.
Historic pilot project demonstrates the viability of generating electricity from ocean pressure waves while resting unobtrusively on the ocean floor.

Astoria, Ore. – Today M3 Wave LLC announced a successful deployment of their APEX wave energy device at a depth of 50 feet in the ocean approximately 1 mile off the coast of Camp Rilea near Astoria. The deployment marked the beginning of the world’s first open ocean test of a submerged pressure differential wave energy device. “At this very moment, APEX is generating electricity off the Oregon Coast. This is an historic achievement for M3 and for Oregon,” said Mike Delos-Reyes, Chief Technology Officer for M3 Wave.

The APEX device is a 30 foot long, 8 foot wide steel structure that turns the pressure waves under ocean waves into alternating expansion and contraction cycles of an air-filled system which, in turn, drives an air turbine connected to an electrical generator. The system has no exposed mechanical components and essentially only one moving part: the turbine/generator. Electricity generated by the device is measured and dissipated internally. For the purposes of this test, there is no connection to the shore or to Oregon’s electrical grid. APEX is designed to minimize impact and interactions with other ocean users and wildlife.

M3 Wave selected Bergerson Construction in Astoria as prime contractor for APEX fabrication while integration engineering for the critical turbine module was done by Altman Browning & Co. out of Portland. Deployment is in collaboration with Tongue Point Job Corps Center’s Seamanship program and their WWII-vintage 180 foot vessel the Ironwood with guidance from experts from RPS Evans Hamilton. The test is off Camp Rilea and the Oregon Military Department is providing shore operations support in conjunction with their Net Zero program. The project is funded by a combination of private donations and a $150,000 commercialization grant from Oregon Wave Energy Trust.

The goal of APEX is to validate technology that will be used in larger “village scale” power systems that will generate 150kW from devices 100 feet long. According to Mike Morrow, company CEO, “These larger systems can replace diesel generators on isolated islands or coastal villages in places like Alaska and Hawaii where cost of energy makes APEX a financially attractive alternative. We want to design, test, and manufacture the systems in Oregon and export the finished products around the world.”

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M3Wave, Inc. is a wave energy company based in Salem, Oregon. Founded by “three guys named Mike,” M3 is focused on commercializing a unique stationary, submerged wave energy conversion technology that sits on the ocean floor safely away from storms, ships, and ocean views. The technology is at TRL6 thanks to commercialization grants from Oregon Wave Energy Trust and Oregon BEST and early seed funding from the U.S. Dept. of Energy, as well as private funding.

MEDIA CONTACT: Mike Morrow, CEO, M3 Wave LLC, 541-602-4160, mike@m3wave.com.


Photo: Ironwood lowering APEX into the Pacific Ocean as seen from the dive boat September 4th, 2014.

Credit: Mike Delos-Reyes, M3 Wave