Sweden Gets Grid-Connected Wave Energy Plant

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Sotenäs Wave Energy Plant, developed by Seabased in cooperation with Fortum and Swedish Energy Agency, has been connected to the Swedish national grid.

The first 1 MW of the wave energy farm was connected to the Swedish national grid via a 10 km subsea cable after the 120 tonnes subsea generator was deployed.

A number of wave energy converters were also connected to the subsea switchgear and the wave park will consequently go live as soon as the buoys are connected to the generators, Seabased’s press release reads.

The 10 MW Sotenäs wave energy demonstration farm is located 8 km northwest of Smögen, Sweden.

It comprises 36 Seabased’s wave energy converters. Its technology is based on WECs with linear generators, deployed on the sea bed.

The generating unit placed on the sea bed is connected to a buoy on the surface via a line, which captures the energy in the motion of the waves, enabling the WEC to generate electricity.

The WECs are connected to marine substations, from where an alternating current can be transmitted directly to the onshore grid.