Wind and Wave Energy Developers Target Oregon Coast

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March 11, 2014

Ashutterstock_143571355-638x425ll of a sudden Oregon’s coast looks like the new frontier for the development of new sources of energy.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Oregon is primed to host the first floating wind farm on the west coast, and at least three different pilot projects aimed at harnessing wave power.

“Oregon’s deep blue sea is poised to be a new testing ground for green energy, as advanced technology has entrepreneurs lining up to try to harness the Pacific’s wind and waves,” reporter Joel Millman writes. “Last month, the Interior Department greenlighted the Pacific Coast’s first offshore wind-power project, 18 miles off Coos Bay, Ore. Just to the north, another project would use energy-producing buoys to generate electricity from the up-and-down motion of sea swells.”