About the survey

POET shared this survey with attendees of the Pacific Offshore Wind Summit on May 12, 2023, posted to social media, and did email outreach to reach a wider audience. The survey closed on May 26, with 43 responses recorded. POET prepared this document to communicate results to interested parties. Qualitative questions are coded and summarized by key themes observed in the responses.

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Survey Results

Questions 1–5

Evaluate the following statements on a Strongly Disagree > Strongly Agree scale.


Question 6

Rank the following topics in order of importance (1 = Most important, 7 = Least important)


Question 6a

If you selected a ranking for "Other" in Question 6, please describe.

We received 9 responses that included descriptions of other topics not included in our drag and drop list, including:

  • Vessels
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Tribal concerns
  • Fishing concerns
  • Community benefit agreements

Question 6b

For the topic you ranked highest in Question 6, please describe what you consider to be the main challenge.

We generalized key themes found in the responses, grouped by topic.

Question 6c

For the topic you ranked highest in Question 6, please describe the scope of work a regional collaboration initiative should undertake.

We generalized key themes found in the responses, grouped by topic.

Question 7

Recognizing that any topic area listed in question 6 could warrant its own specific forum, to what extent do you agree that a top-level regional forum should be created to ensure that the offshore wind sector’s priorities are adequately represented? (1 = Strongly Disagree, 5 = Strongly Agree)


Question 8

If a regional collaboration initiative were created, what form should it take? Rank the options in order of importance. (1 = Most Important, 6 = Least Important)


Question 9

What examples of regional collaboration from the East Coast or elsewhere could serve as replicable structure/purpose?

  • New Mexico and Colorado state transmission authorities
  • Lower Columbia Solutions Group
  • Magnuson-Stevens Act fishery management council process.
  • Regional Wildlife Science Collaborative for Offshore Wind
  • New Jersey (agency not specified)
  • Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Ocean Plans
  • Community Energy Scotland
  • Scotland Deepwater Cluster
  • NYSERDA, including multiple workgroups
  • France Energies Marines COME3T

Question 10

What existing forums/organizations might play a central role in advancing a regional collaboration initiative?

  • Pacific Coast Collaborative
  • Western Governors Association
  • West Coast Ocean Alliance
  • Marine Mammal Center
  • Midwater Trawlers Cooperative
  • RODA
  • CA Ocean Protection Council
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • POET
  • Maritime Blue
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • NOAA NW Fisheries Science Center

Question 11

How should a regional collaboration initiative be funded? (select all that apply)